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With the following restrictions: Preferred Lies, Temporary Greens: Composite Course for personal buggies.

11.11.2017 15:53

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  • Dress Code

    bigpicOur aim is for all guests to have an enjoyable and relaxing visit to our golf club and have found that it is useful to outline our simple dress code and mobile telephone policy before your visit so that awkward situations can be easily avoided. Whilst our staff are always on hand to assist you at the time of your visit, we request that you read and follow the guidelines below:

    Dress Code

    General - Clubhouse & Course

    Shoes to be worn at all times. Trainer style shoes are unacceptable
    Blue Denim jean style shorts/trousers or Cargo style shorts/trousers (large side pockets) are unacceptable
    T-shirts, vests and other collarless* shirts are unacceptable, shirts should be tucked into trousers at all times
    Golf Shoes are not allowed in the main Clubhouse, but are acceptable in the entranceway through and into the changing rooms

    Throughout the year dress in the Clubhouse is smart casual. Clean and dry golf attire is acceptable at all times
    Trousers must be tailored
    Shorts may be worn but must be tailored (not three quarter/calf length* or beach style)
    Socks are not obligatory but flip-flop or open toed shoes are not acceptable.
    Headware must be removed in the Clubhouse

    All golf shirts are acceptable including the modern crew neck
    Trousers must be tailored
    Shorts may be worn but must be tailored (no three quarter/calf length* or beach style)
    Socks worn with shorts must be above shoe level, predominantly white sport socks or long hose.
    Proper golf shoes must be worn

    Clubhouse and Course (*Ladies (la difference))
    *Shirts with collars may be sleeveless
    *Collarless shirts must be sleeved and have a high round neck
    *Only shirts specifically designed to be worn on outside are acceptable
    *Ladies 3/4 length tailored golf trousers are acceptable
    *In Clubhouse, appropriate footwear may be worn without socks

  • Mobile Phones

    bigpicMobile phones may be left switched on in the Clubhouse (on silent if possible) but you must answer only in the entrance foyer; outside the clubhouse; in the car park area. Their use is not permitted elsewhere in the Clubhouse,on the patio and surrounding gardens or particularly out on the Course (except in extreme emergency conditions)..