How to Join

Our membership year commences from the 1st April annually, although members can join at any time paying the appropriate subscription. Whilst applications for membership are limited, if you are interested then please contact John Hiscock or Karen Stoker for further details

We do not take this process lightly as joining a golf club may be a life changing commitment. It can offer so much more than a place to play golf, making many new lifelong friends and acquaintances along the way.

If you just wish at this stage to find out some outline detail about membership at Basingstoke, then please fill out the contact us form to receive an information pack.

At Basingstoke we want all our members to enjoy everything that the club has to offer - the course, clubhouse, competitions, an active social calendar - and all the staff and various committees work tirelessly with this aim. Become a part of "our family" at Basingstoke's premier private member's club.

Membership Information

Full member

Every adult over the age of 26 has equal playing and voting rights.

Intermediate member

Basingstoke recognises that young adults do not necessarily have the financial resources to commit to the cost of a full membership. From passing from the junior ranks (age 18) through to the age of 26, the annual membership fees are increased each year by a small percentage.

Junior membership

Available to all golfers under the age of 18. An active programme is in place to ensure that our Junior Members get full opportunities to develop their golfing skills.

For details about fees, please contact the club, either electronically, by post or, ideally, by coming to see us. We look forward to hearing from you
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