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“FORE” Business are delighted to welcome you to our Basingstoke Group page which is hosted at the Basingstoke Golf Club, Hampshire. The group has been established since January 2013 and business and friendship within the group is flourishing. If you would like to attend a “FORE” Business golf event at our Basingstoke group, please visit our website by clicking on the link. We have members eagerly waiting to pass referrals and at the same enjoy an amazing round of golf at The Basingstoke Golf Club

Welcome to “FORE” Business

bringing likeminded, local senior decision makers together across the UK, to enjoy a game of golf and a good networking session at the same time.

From £45 per month each member gets:
•A round of golf each month with the “FORE” Business members
•Structured network events focussed on generating more business for members
•A 4-ball for you and 3 clients, prospects or friends
•Managed online marketing and presence on the “FORE” Business website
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03.04.2022 16:47
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Please note we have transferred to our new Intelligent Golf system and all details are hosted on the new members site.